Should NY Schools be Forced to Test for Lead in Water?

lead poisoning

Alarming reports about lead contamination found in water supplies of some New York districts – including Binghamton and Ithaca – have prompted calls to legislators to take action that would lead to mandated water testing by schools.

In early May, advocacy groups dedicated to school and environmental safety gathered at the state Capitol to put forth their plans for preventing lead poisoning in schools. Their goal is for the legislature to adopt their plans into law.

The current legislative session runs through June 16.


Lead Testing for Schools in New York

As the law stands now, the only mandated testing for lead in water is for schools that have a private water supply.  The problem with that is the fact that many schools in the Empire State rely upon municipal water tests to collect samples from homes, not schools.

The hot-button issue of lead water testing in NY schools erupted when a Rochester-area educator discovered just how many of the children in his school had experienced lead poisoning. As the first principal in Monroe County to be granted access to medical records of his students, Ralph Spezio was stunned to learn that nearly “three-quarters of the children in (his) school were seriously poisoned by lead.”

The Dangers of Lead Poisoning

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the prevalence of lead poisoning in New York housing. You can read those entries here and here.

It’s important to keep in mind why testing for lead is so crucial, especially in schools. Even when exposed in tiny doses, lead can lead to serious and even fatal conditions. Youngsters are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of lead because of the ongoing development in their brains and nervous systems.

As lead enters our bodies, our bloodstream carries it throughout and it soon begins to disrupt the normal function of our cells.

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