New York Auto Accidents Lawyers

For over 40 years the Fitzgerald Law Firms have handled car accident cases. We have achieved many substantial verdicts and settlements, including a jury verdict of $5,480,000 for a client who was seriously injured in an automobile accident.

A Guide to Auto Accident Claims in New York

There are concerns over distracted driving in New York. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 2.3 million people in the US were injured in crashes in 2014. It is important for people on the driving seat to be fully focused while driving. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the importance of focused driving. Below are some of the reasons that often distract people when driving:

  • Using a cell phone while driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Falling asleep while driving

Car Accident Injuries

Spinal cord injury and brain injury are two of the major injuries that occur because of an auto accident, and both of these have a severe impact on the victim. In fact, these injuries can even lead to permanent impairment. This is why people injured in auto accidents seek a professional lawyer to file for a claim and get fair compensation for human life, and destruction of property.

Let’s learn about these injuries in detail.

Head Injuries

Auto accidents are the most common cause of head injuries including closed head injuries and traumatic brain injury. Be it the driver or other occupants of the car, they can attain severe head injury if:

  • The head hits the window or any other part of the car
  • Someone gets thrown off the car (because of the impact of the collision), and his or her head hits the road.

Since an injury to the head can impact the brain as well, it requires extensive medical care, which is why you must file a legal claim against the errant driver.

Spinal Cord Injury

Damage to the spinal cord is another common type of injury that people sustain during an auto accident. Damage to the spinal cord can lead to:

  • Lifelong impairment
  • Paralysis

Such an injury impacts the life of the victim and the family; hence, it is important to file a legal claim and get compensation for the damages.

Getting Compensation for Auto Accident Injury

The auto accident lawyers who operate in the New York City offer great help to victims in recovering the damages. You have to select a law firm that has the experience and the expertise in such claims. Dealing with accident injuries can be very frustrating. Hence, you must try to consult a few lawyers to choose the best one for your personal case. Once you select a lawyer, he or she will review the evidence report, police investigation report, medical report and other information that you provide, before filing your claim for compensation.

Final Words

When The Fitzgerald Law Firm takes a car accident case, we also undertake to process the “No Fault Benefits” which is provided for under New York law. Medical expenses and loss of earnings of $50,000 at a minimum are recoverable without regard to fault.

In addition to no fault benefits, if the car crash was primarily or completely the fault of someone else, The Fitzgerald Law Firm, on your behalf, will seek damages for pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, emotional distress, lost wages, lost earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, interference with marital or parental relationships, and other damages. If a family member has died in a car accident, The Fitzgerald Law Firm will pursue a wrongful death claim.

It is vital to contact New York auto accident lawyers as soon as possible after a car accident. The sooner you contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm, the better able we will be to preserve evidence, gather essential witnesses and to address other important factors. Call toll-free at 1-800-323-9900 for a free consultation with one of our experienced New York auto accident lawyers about your car accident claim.