New York Boating Accident Case

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Boating accidents can involve death or serious injury:

    • Broken Bone Injury
    • Accident-Wrongful Death
    • Amputation
    • Brain Injury
    • Spinal Cord Injury

      In a New York boating accident case, compensation can include:

      • Medical expenses
      • Property damage
      • Pain and suffering
      • Lost earnings
      • Other damages

      Given the nature of evidence in a boating accident case, it is imperative that a New York boating accident lawyer be retained as soon as possible. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm at 1-800-323-9900 or submit our online form if you or a family member has been involved in a recreational boating accident.

      Common Types of Boating Accidents

      • Boat collision with other boats, jet skis, or swimmers
      • Person overboard
      • Skier mishap
      • Slip or fall due to wet surfaces
      • Capsizing or swamping of boat due to:
        • Weather conditions
        • Poor boat maintenance
        • Operator incompetence
      • Fire or explosion on the boat
      • Carbon monoxide asphyxiation
      • Striking a submerged object

      Recreational Boating Accidents Reporting Criteria and Guidelines

      New York regulations require operators to report any recreational boating vessel accident. A recreational vessel is a vessel operated for pleasure, whether it is owned, leased, rented, or chartered. A recreational boating accident means a numbered or documented vessel is being used for recreational purposes and has one or more of the following incidents occur – resulting in injury, death, or property damage:

      • Grounding
      • Swamping
      • Capsizing
      • Sinking
      • Collision with another vessel
      • Striking a submerged object
      • Skier mishap
      • Person falls overboard
      • Fire
      • Explosion
      • Carbon monoxide asphyxiation
      • Hitting a person with the
        • vessel
        • propeller
        • steering machinery
        • propulsion unit