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People are injured every day in New York, and many of these injuries are the fault of someone else’s negligence, recklessness or even intentional conduct.  When these situations arise, those who have been wrongfully harmed need to stand up and enforce their legal rights for many reasons.  One of the first steps anyone who’s been wrongfully injured should take is to seek the help of experienced personal injury lawyers who have decades of experience in holding those who violate the rights of others accountable.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm is a New York firm of injury lawyers who have this precise background of success.  The Fitzgerald Lawyers have been helping their clients obtain justice for over 40 years, and over that time the firm has provided critical legal guidance to those who needed it in many different contexts.  Below are just a few examples of how we work.

Medical Malpractice

One of the most troubling aspects of personal injury law is that which involves mistakes made by medical care providers. When such a circumstance arises, those who have been wronged can suffer for the rest of their lives or even lose their lives as a result. Medical professionals need to be held to the same standards as anyone else, which is why the medical malpractice lawyers at The Fitzgerald Lawyers have been fighting relentlessly for their clients who have found themselves in these situations through no fault of their own for so many years.

Birth Injury

Perhaps the most emotionally-scarring aspect of medical malpractice law involves birth injuries. A human is never more vulnerable to harm than when he or she is being born, and when something goes wrong it can lead to a lifetime of undeserved consequences for both the child and the parents. Even common and seemingly minor mistakes can prove catastrophic, and the birth injury lawyers at The Fitzgerald Lawyers have been holding those who cause this unspeakable harm accountable since opening the firm’s doors for the first time.

Lead Paint Poisoning

There many examples involving the most harmful substances to people wreaking havoc on their lives without those who are ultimately harmed having any way of realizing what was happening. One such example is that of lead poisoning, which can occur because of negligent landlords, municipal entities and manufacturers of this lead paint. Lead paint exposure is especially harmful to children, and anyone who has suffered as a result of this problem needs to secure the help of the injury lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm immediately.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm – Everyone is Welcome

The personal injury lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm do not think that issues such as economic standing, country of origin or preferred language should ever be barriers to justice. That’s why the firm welcomes those who speak Spanish if they need legal help. The reality is that a substantial segment of the population of New York speaks Spanish, and the firm is here to make sure that the staff is able to easily communicate so that the legal help they need is provided in a context that’s comfortable and familiar.

The first Fitzgerald Law Firm was founded in 1971 by John E. Fitzgerald under the name of Law Offices of John E. Fitzgerald. The firm started with one part-time secretary and its first offices were at 3265 Johnson Ave., Bronx, New York. The firm has always specialized in civil litigation. In 1972 the firm relocated to 888 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York and in September 1979 the offices were move into larger quarters at 2600 Netherland Avenue in Bronx, New York. The name was changed to Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald, P.C.

In October 1985, when John E. Fitzgerald built a 15,000 sq. ft. building at 538 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers, New York, 10705 to provide the space needed for the growing Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald, P.C., Law Firm. The latest Fitzgerald Law Firm is “The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C.” and James P. Fitzgerald is the founder and managing partner of this Law Firm.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm has built a team of 20 attorneys, – both staff and “of counsel”. The attorneys are assisted by experienced clerical and para-legal staff who total staff number is approximately 60 people. When we speak of the Fitzgerald Lawyers as we do in our ads, we are referring to all of the lawyers who have been employed by the Fitzgerald Law Firms starting with the firm which was started by John E. Fitzgerald.


The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. is a firm of trial lawyers. All of our medical malpractice cases are prepared for trial. We don’t accept cases with the hope of making quick settlements. We truly believe that to get the top awards for our clients, medical malpractice cases must be fully prepared for trial. We are proud of being known as fighters for our clients’ rights.

We Fight for Your Rights

We fight for your rights
Lawyers for Injured People

The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. is also proud of and thankful for the dedicated service of all of our staff members which include, 11 staff members who have been with us for more the 20 years and 2 others who have 15 years of service.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. has always been an innovator in the legal area, being one of the first firms to understand the dangers facing lead-poisoned children, and their need for legal representation.

Read about The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. in New York Magazine, click here for the full article.
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Read about The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. in New York Magazine

Since the late 1980’s, The Fitzgerald Lawyers have become leaders in the fight against child lead-poisoning, representing thousands of its victims in law suits against landlords, municipal organizations and manufacturers of lead paint.  No law firm has more six and seven figure verdicts and settlements for lead poisoned children.  When plaintiffs are looking for New York lead paint poisoning lawyers, they turn to The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C.  Read about some of our lead paint cases.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. has long been a top firm in the medical malpractice field, particularly cases involving birth injury, cerebral palsy and neonatal injuries to children. The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C., New York medical malpractice lawyers, has developed a sub-specialty in medical malpractice involving birth trauma which results in motor deficits and/or cognitive deficits. Our understanding of how hypoxia and ischemia (oxygen deprivation at birth) contributes to brain damage in children has enabled us to recover substantial amounts for children with brain injuries, including autism, cerebral palsy, periventricular leukomalacia, apnea and bradycardia, and other birth injuries. Our expertise in trying these cases has enabled us to obtain numerous 7 and 8 figure verdicts and settlements, some of which have set records nationally and locally.

Our medical malpractice cases have also involved medication errors. There are hundreds of medication error deaths each year. Medication errors often involve children who are given the wrong dosage.

The Fitzgerald Lawyers have represented clients for premises liability and building owner negligence, as your New York negligent security lawyers, The Fitzgerald Lawyers bring a wealth of experience and track record of large verdicts & settlements.  Read about our New York premises liability cases and our work injury cases.

As a premier New York automobile accident lawyer, The Fitzgerald Lawyers have successfully litigated cases involving school bus accidents and multi-car collisions. Read more about our $5 million dollar New York car accident verdict here. We also have information about bicycle accidents, New York bus accidents, and truck accidents. Read about New York accident topics.

When it comes to Appeals and Appellate law, The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. stands out as outstanding New York appeals lawyers and appellate practice lawyers. Our attorneys have made appellate law in landmark cases involving brain injury, lead-paint poisoning, birth trauma, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, negligent security, nursing home elderly abuse and more.

If you or someone you love has been harmed because of someone else’s actions, you need to take immediate steps to protect your legal rights.  Contact the New York personal injury lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.