Brain Injury TBI Lawyers New York

Brain injuries associated with car accidents are called traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  Brain injury severity depends on the extent of trauma and the quality of medical care that the brain injury victim receives. In some cases car-accident-associated brain injury is compounded by medical malpractice.

Approximately half of all traumatic brain injury cases are a result of auto accidents. The severity of these types of brain injury can depend on a number of factors such as length of unconsciousness, amnesia, altered mental states, and the neurological deficits sustained. With advances in emergency response treatment and medical techniques to treat brain injury, victims have a greater chance of rehabilitation. Immediate brain injury medical care is crucial to the outcome of a brain injury. Anoxia, or lack of oxygen to the brain, must be monitored for and quickly addressed; otherwise the severity of brain injury can increase remarkably. Swelling and bleeding in the brain can compound brain injury and must also be treated immediately. Secondary brain injury such as seizures, edema, and hematomas also need to be watched for and treated. Early intervention and proper health care attention is crucial to brain injury victim survival. If brain injury is not properly treated by professional medical staff it can lead to more serious injuries. Medical malpractice may be the cause of further brain injury if medical professionals fail to act immediately and appropriately in brain injury cases.

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