New York Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you have been in a New York bicycle accident, it is vital that you contact New York bicycle accident lawyers as soon after the accident as possible. If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm, we will act quickly to collect and preserve evidence and protect your rights. The Fitzgerald Law Firms have over 40 years of experience representing people with bicycle accident injuries and has recovered millions for accident victims, including a recent $5,730,000 verdict. To contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm for a free consultation, please call toll-free at 1-800-323-9900 or submit the firm’s online contact form.

In a New York bike-car accident, cyclists are completely defenseless and are often killed or sustain serious injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and head/neck/spinal cord injuries.

Common types of New York bike-car accidents include:

  • Car enters roadway and hits bicycle – The car enters the roadway from a driveway or parking spot and fails to see the cyclist until it’s too late.
  • Driver of car fails to yield – The driver of the car fails to yield to a cyclist by either running a stop light/sign, or by failing to look both ways before continuing.
  • Car turns in front of bicycle – Car turns left or right directly in front of the cyclist, cutting him or her off.
  • Car strikes bike while passing – Driver doesn’t see cyclist when passing and strikes the cyclist. The cyclist may see this before it happens, and hit something else when swerving to avoid the motorist.

In all of these circumstances, the driver of the car can be held liable for injuries sustained by the person on the bike. Damages (monetary compensation) for injuries can include medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other amounts. If the cyclist is killed, the driver of the car is liable to the next of kin for wrongful death. For a free consultation regarding your New York bike accident case, contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm toll-free at 1-800-323-9900 or submit the firm’s online contact form.