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Disabilities in children are common. The child can be born with the disability in which case it is congenital. The disability can also be acquired after birth.

Childhood disabilities can be cognitive, physical or both. Examples of cognitive disabilities are autism, pervasive developmental disorder, ADHD, and low I.Q. Physical disabilities may be degenerative, such as muscular dystrophy or static such as hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (cerebral palsy).

Genetic or inherited disabilities usually could only have been avoided, if at all, by a child having different parents.

But some children are genetically predisposed to injury from an environmental insult, such as exposure to a toxin such as lead or hypoxic-ischemic insult which results in static encephalopathy.

The Fitzgerald Lawyers will take a medical history of any child with developmental disabilities. When appropriate, they will consult with medical experts in an attempt to determine if the disability was caused by an environmental insult which should have been avoided.

The Fitzgerald Lawyers can’t always find a case. But very often, they help parents find peace-of-mind.

There is never a charge for these reviews.

*N.Y. verdicts are not discounted to present value and are subject to reduction on appeal

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