New York Police Negligence, Police Brutality Lawyers

New York Police Negligence & Police Brutality Lawyers

Police and other peace officers are required to act in a reasonable manner and in accordance with guidelines set by police departments. These guidelines include the amount of force that can be used to detain an individual and the circumstances under which a weapon can be fired. There are also guidelines with respect to the operation of police cars, both under normal circumstances and during “chase” situations.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm handles cases of police negligence and police brutality.

In the case of Claus L. v. New York City Housing Authority, et al, (Index #23382/92, Supreme Bronx), F&F was successful in obtaining a substantial recovery because the police did not properly secure the accident scene after an automobile accident. After the accident another automobile struck several of the occupants who had exited their vehicle under negligent supervision by the police officers.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm is currently handling cases regarding the negligent and/or intentional discharge of firearms.

In one case a mother who was chasing after her child in the subway was shot by the Transit Authority patrolman after an altercation in which she was accused of “turnstile jumping.”

In another case an innocent passerby was struck by a stray bullet when the police officer negligently and against police guidelines, discharged his firearm.