Several lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of Januvia, Byetta, Janumet and Victoza after these drugs were linked to cases of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. If you have taken these drugs and suffered unexpected side effects, the attorneys at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York may be able to help you.

What Are These Drugs and How Do They Harm Patients?

The drugs Januvia, Janumet, Byetta and Victoza are known as incretin memetics. These types of drugs work by simulating the effects of incretin hormones, the chemicals the body produces to stimulate the release of insulin. Along with diet and exercise, incretin memetics have been shown to lower blood sugar in those with Type 2 diabetes.

However, Januvia and Janumet, made by Merck, Byetta, made by Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Victoza, made by Novo Nordisk, along with other types of incretin memetic drugs, have been linked to higher rates of pancreatic cancer as well as pancreatitis.

Even though these drugs were approved by the FDA between 2005 and 2010, the federal government issues a warning linking the drugs to serious complications. However, the government has yet to issue a full recall of these drugs.

Why Are Patients Suing Drug Manufacturers?

At the base of the lawsuits against the manufacturers of these dangerous drugs is a simple premise: victims believe that the drug makers failed to warn the public about the risks of pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis associated with these drugs, even though they knew that these complications were possible. Had the manufacturers told the public about these concerns, some doctors and patients might have elected not to use these drugs.

Millions of people have taken these drugs since they were released. Those who have had negative reactions such as pancreatic diseases may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers to collect compensation. This compensation could include payment of your medical bills and other expenses as well as money for your pain and suffering. In the case of those who have lost a family member who took these drugs due to pancreatic disease, the family may be entitled to compensation.

If you are one of the millions of people who may have been effected by Januvia, Janumet, Byetta and Victoza, contact the experienced drug litigation attorneys at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York. Call today to schedule a free consultation.