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Autism Birth Injury / Brain Damage Lawyer

$3,250,000 recovery for child with autism spectrum disorder – Birth injury brain damage – The Fitzgerald Law Firm argued that hospital mismanagement of labor and delivery led to brain damage, ADHD and autism (Case # 02078)

Do you want to know what caused your child’s autism? For a free consultation about autism and birth injuries with an experienced lawyer at The Fitzgerald Law Firm, please call toll free at 1-800-323-9900 or submit the firm’s online contact form. Contact us about the cause of your child’s autism and if it could be associated with labor and delivery.

For over 40 years, The Fitzgerald Law Firms have been committed to fighting for children with birth injuries, including those leading to autism. Current medical research supports The Fitzgerald Law Firm’s position that injury to the immature brain during labor and delivery can result in autism. Autism can be a result of failure to treat, failure to diagnose, inadequate care, and other medical negligence during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or in the postpartum period. Autism can also be caused by environmental toxins such as lead in old paint. Read about lead paint poisoning and brain damage.

If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm to represent your child, we will attempt to identify the cause of the injury to your child’s brain that resulted in autism. If the birth injury was due to failure to diagnose, failure to treat, misdiagnosis or other birth injuries, we will seek to recover compensation from those responsible. Call and see if an autism lawyer can help you and your child. 1-800-323-9900.