Negligent Security Lawyers in New York

The Fitzgerald Law Firms handled four of the first negligent security cases in New York.  In these four negligent security cases, the defendant was Riverbay Corporation, a cooperative known as Co-Op City in the Bronx. As a result of the managing agent’s failure to provide locking doors on the entrance to the buildings, 4 women (2 adults and 2 12 year old girls) were raped.

The 4 cases, which resulted in substantial six figure settlements, were among the first negligent security cases prosecuted in the State of New York. As a result of these cases, Co-Op City installed electro-magnetic locks on its lobby doors, providing much needed security to the tenants.


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Negligent Security Lawsuits in New York

In a “negligent security” case, the plaintiff claims that (s)he was the victim of a crime (usually a rape or other assault) and that the criminal act was made possible because the landowner did not provide proper security (i.e., the door locks to the building were broken; the intercom didn’t work; the doorman allowed an intruder to enter, etc.)

In recent years both the Legislature and the Appellate Courts have rolled back some of the initial gains made by negligent security lawyers in New York to hold landowners liable for failure to provide security. At present it is often necessary to apportion the percentage of liability between the landowner who was negligent and the criminal who perpetrated the crime. Nevertheless, The Fitzgerald Law Firm has continued to successfully prosecute meritorious cases resulting in serious injuries from criminal behavior where proper security measures could have prevented the crimes in the first place.

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