UP TO $5,000.00

The payment to the plaintiff comes at the end of a personal injury case when the settlement check arrives. That can sometimes be years after you have retained the attorney.

The CASH NOW PROGRAM is available to clients of the Fitzgerald Law Firm (FLF) shortly after we accept the case. The client can receive up to $5,000.00 cash (and sometimes more) for general living expenses.

How is this possible? Well, it is based primarily on The Fitzgerald Lawyers’ record of success. We have over $2 Billion in verdicts and settlements in over 45 years. Our excellent record is relied on by banks and finance companies which advance monies to both the law firm and our clients. The Law Firm has a $3 million unsecured line of bank credit. More importantly, the finance companies rely on the recommendation of our Firm to make money available for both case expenses and non-recourse advances to the client for living expenses.

The CASH NOW PROGRAM is based on non-recourse advances by a finance company, against the net recovery on the client’s case. In return for advancing funds on a non-recourse basis, the finance company receives an assignment of a portion of the settlement monies. The assignment covers the assumption of risk of loss by the finance company and charges for the use of the advanced funds based on the length of time it takes the finance company to get paid from the settlement monies.

Non-recourse means that the client does not have to pay back any of the advanced sums or charges in the event the client’s case is dismissed.