Each year, over 234 million major surgeries take place. That means one in 25 people will go through a major surgery each year. Even though surgical errors are rare, they still affect thousands of people yearly. The worst thing about these errors is that at least half of them are completely preventable. When you are one of the victims of a preventable surgical error, it is important to speak with a skilled New York medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

If you are considering filing for malpractice, it is important to acknowledge that not all errors are the fault of the doctor. Some things are just unavoidable and there is always a risk when undergoing a surgery. Your New York medical malpractice lawyer may be able to help you recognize whether or not your case constitutes as malpractice.

Even when errors are caused by malpractice, the consequences must be permanent, severe or fatal in order to be subject to a lawsuit. If you received an infection due to an unsanitary surgical environment, for example, your medical malpractice attorney could not help you claim compensation unless the infection resulted in serious complications, such as gangrene.

These claims are quite complex and your medical malpractice lawyer must completely understand medical terminology and procedures in order to help you. It is also important to have med mal lawsuit representation that understands that most hospitals will offer a settlement in cases they know they will lose. In most cases, this settlement will be drastically lower than the court would award, which is why we are always prepared to take cases to trial to maximize your compensation.

If you have been victimized by a surgical error, please contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm.