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Explaining the Tenets of the New Bicycle Law

Anyone who has driven in New York understands that bicyclists are a regular sight on the roads.  Unfortunately, there have been many situations that have arisen between bicycles and vehicles that have left people in serious pain or worse, and as a result there has been friction between drivers and bicyclists.  Now comes word that New York has passed a new law that governs how vehicles should pass bicyclists on the road.  Anyone who has been injured in a car accident involving a bicycle should seek the help of a New York car accident lawyer, and below is a brief explanation of the law.

Details of the New York Bicycle Passing Law

Starting in November, when the new bicycle passing law takes effect, drivers in New York will be required to provide a ‘safe distance’ between the vehicle and a bicycle.  No tangible measure for ‘safe distance’ was stated in the law, and advocates pushed for three feet of room.  However, given the varying nature of driving environments, it would have been very difficult to put a distance requirement in place.

Those who are in vehicles and who do not provide this safe distance can be pulled over and given a ticket for a moving violation.  New York becomes the 17th state to enact such a provision, and this law will coexist with existing laws for bicyclists that include a requirement that no more than two riders are allowed to ride abreast and that bicyclists are required to fall into single-file lines if they are either passing or being passed by a vehicle.

New York Bicycle Accident Statistics

Unfortunately, a lot of pain, suffering and loss had to occur before such a law was passed.  One look at the New York bicycle accident statistics records bears this out.  Every year in the state, more than 5,400 New York bicycle accidents occur in which they are hit by vehicles.  This leads to more than 5,200 injuries and almost 50 deaths.  These numbers have held steady in recent years.

Even though the new law could cut down on accidents, it won’t eliminate them.  If you or someone you love has been harmed in a New York bicycle accident, you need to seek the help of New York personal injury lawyers who have been holding negligent motorists accountable for nearly 40 years.  Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.