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Explaining the Causes of Developmental Delays

When parents give birth to a child and they bring that child home to watch him or her grow and mature, they are obviously filled with a constantly high level of pride and appreciation. However, those emotions can quickly become dark and extremely difficult to manage if parents begin to come to the realization that their child is having a hard time developing at what would be considered a normal or acceptable rate. This realization could be an indication that their child is suffering from a developmental delay.

Developmental delays are serious problems for children, and some of these developmental delays are due to the negligence of medical professionals who were overseeing the birth of that child. Any parent who suspects that this may be the case should obtain the immediate help of experienced New York birth injury lawyers. Below is a brief overview of potential causes of this difficult condition.

Causes Not Due to Medical Negligence

There are many different specific forms of developmental delays, and there are also many different causes. As such, there are many causes of developmental delays that are likely not the result of negligence on the part of those who were in charge of that child’s delivery. These causes can be traced to some independent cause.

Specifically, examples of causes of developmental delays that are not generally due to negligence displayed during birth include basic genetic problems, the abuse of alcohol by the mother during the pregnancy, diabetes in the mother, an infection that arose with the mother during pregnancy and other independent events that can inflict harm on the fetus.

Causes Due to Medical Negligence

As is the case with the number of causes of developmental delays that are not due to negligence on the part of medical professionals, there are also many mistakes that doctors, nurses and other professionals can make during the delivery process that can lead to problems with the development of basic skills for a child.

Examples of these common mistakes include an infliction of a traumatic brain injury on the child during the birthing process, a failure to recognize a lack of oxygen for the child while he or she is being born and failing to otherwise recognize warning signs of distress that need to be reacted to properly, promptly and aggressively while that child is in the process of being born.

How New York Birth Injury Lawyers Can Help

If your child is suffering from some form of a developmental delay, you need to make sure that you thoroughly review any and all causes of this condition. If you feel that it could be due to a mistake made during the delivery process, you need to seek the help of experienced New York birth injury attorneys who have been fighting for the rights of suffering families for more than 40 years. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.