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$31,575,000 jury verdict for birth injury and cerebral palsy lawyers– The Fitzgerald Law Firm successfully argued that the hospital failed to failed to properly monitor the infant defendant’s blood-gas level and failed to diagnose metabolic acidosis, which lead to hydrocephalus, permanent brain damage, and cerebral palsy.

For over 40 years, the Fitzgerald Law Firms have fought for children with cerebral palsy. The firm has successfully handled hundreds cerebral palsy cases in addition to the one above. Many of these cases resulted in multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements.


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Cerebral Palsy Causes

There are a number of maternal and fetal factors that can lead to cerebral palsy in a new born. Certain maternal infections, medical conditions, Rh incompatibility, fetal anoxia, fetal stroke, and other complications have been found to cause cerebral palsy. These are all risk factors that can be recognized and addressed by a medical professional during pregnancy. Cerebral palsy has also been linked to improper dating of the pregnancy, leading to pre- or post-delivery. Cerebral palsy acquired during fetal development is often preventable when a physician responds appropriately to maternal and fetal risks.

Cerebral palsy can develop when the flow of blood and oxygen to a child’s brain is disrupted during childbirth. This disruption can occur as a result of a long labor, low amniotic fluid, a twisted umbilical cord, large fetal head size, hemorrhage, newborn lung problems, inter-cranial bleeding, and more. Trauma to a child’s head caused by a difficult forceps or vacuum delivery can also cause cerebral palsy. Many of these childbirth cerebral palsy risk factors are preventable if a medical professional acts with prudence and care to promptly and appropriately treat and prevent these risk factors.

Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy Investigation

If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm for your cerebral palsy claim, we will: 1) undertake an intense investigation of the medical history of your child, including all medical records that could prove a birth injury caused your child’s cerebral palsy; 2) consult with pediatric neurologists about your child’s cerebral palsy; 3) attempt to identify the cause and time of the birth injury that lead to your child’s cerebral palsy; and 4) if that injury could have been avoided, seek to recover compensation from the parties responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy.

If your child’s cerebral palsy was cause by medical negligence, your child should be compensated for his or her injuries. Because your child will have to live with cerebral palsy for his or her lifetime, compensation can include future medical expenses, future pain and suffering, and future costs of care.

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