The Fitzgerald Law Firm has handled hundreds of failure to diagnose / medical malpractice cases and has achieved many substantial verdicts and settlements, including a $94 million dollar verdict involving injury associated with failure to diagnose.

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Example of Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of avoidable cancer mortality in women. Improving outcomes from cervical neoplasia involves multiple steps: the patient’s ability to seek care, accessibility of such care, and subsequent receipt of high quality technical services.

The following is a description of one instance of alleged failure to diagnose cervical cancer.  The patient was a 34-year-old woman with a 2-year history of increasingly profuse vaginal bleeding. Over the two year period, the patient had been placed on oral contraceptives, but these had not stopped the bleeding. She was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer.  The patient reported having a Pap smear approximately 18 months before the diagnosis that was “unsatisfactory, obscured by blood.” However, she had not had a follow-up study. A gynecologist had seen her about 6 months before the diagnosis, and told her she needed a hysteroscopy and a dilation and curettage. However, he explained that he did not accept Medicaid, which was her source of health insurance. Her follow-up remained sporadic, and her bleeding continued—profuse enough that she required hospitalization for transfusions twice in the preceding 2 months.

Finally, when profuse bleeding sent her once again to an emergency room, a physical exam revealed that the patient had an extremely friable exophytic cervical lesion, which was biopsied and confirmed to be invasive cervical cancer. Upon evaluation by a gynecologic-oncologist, she was found to have Stage IIB cervical cancer.  This oncologist believed that the failure to diagnosis cervical cancer in a timely manner profoundly affected her chances for recovery.

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