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National Birth Injury Lawyers for Forceps Delivery Brain Damage

Forceps Delivery Brain Damage Attorneys

For over 40 years, the The Fitzgerald Law Firms have been committed to fighting for children with birth injuries, including injuries caused by a forceps delivery. In one forceps delivery case, our birth injury lawyers represented a child who was born using Kielland forceps during a mid-forceps procedure for deep transverse arrest. The Fitzgerald Law Firm argued that the forceps delivery caused brain damage with right-side hemiparesis and encephalomalacia with enlargement of the left lateral ventricle. The jury agreed and awarded the injured child $2,400,000.


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Forceps Delivery and Cerebral Palsy

Trauma to a child’s head caused by a difficult forceps or vacuum delivery can cause cerebral palsy. This is preventable if a medical professional acts with prudence and care during delivery to perform a forceps delivery in a safe manner and to all that is necessary to prevent the need for a forceps delivery.

Forceps Delivery Investigation

If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm, we will: 1) undertake an intense investigation of the medical history of your child, including all medical records involving your child’s forceps delivery; 2) consult with pediatric neurologists about your child’s forceps delivery; 3) determine the injuries to your child that may have been caused by the forceps delivery; and 4) seek to recover compensation for those injuries from the parties responsible.

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