New York Birth Injury Lawyers
Fighting for Sufferers of Developmental Delays

When a child is born, everything needs to progress properly in order for that child to emerge from this process unharmed. Despite all of the efforts made by parents and by the medical professionals who oversee childbirth on a regular basis, things can and do go wrong from time to time. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong during childbirth, it can result in a lifetime of consequences for that child and that family. When that family discovers that their child has been harmed, they may not know where to turn for help.

One of the most common problems and results of a birth injury that occurs is known as a developmental delay. Below you will find a brief overview of this problem as it exists with children who were harmed while they were being born. You will also find information regarding how you can contact experienced birth injury lawyers in New York if you need legal help.

Developmental Delays – A Brief Description

Developmental delays can describe several different and specific conditions that affect a child, but generally a developmental delay describes a child who is struggling with gaining capabilities that most other children his or her age have either already acquired or are in the process of acquiring. Specifically, if a child is having trouble learning to crawl, walk, talk or use a sense of balance while most others his or her age have already mastered these skills, it could indicate a problem.

However, this delay may not necessarily indicate that a child is suffering from a developmental delay. There are many situations where a child simply develops at a slower rate than others even though nothing is medically wrong. Regardless, parents who notice this situation should at least consider obtaining a medical evaluation.

Causes of Developmental Delays

There are several different causes of developmental delays. Examples of these causes include basic genetics, problems with the mother that existed during pregnancy such as alcohol abuse or diabetes or even an infection that arose during the gestation period. Any or all of these or other types of medical events can affect a child’s development after he or she is born.

Of course, there are also developmental delays that arise because of a mistake or mistakes that were made during the delivery process. Most often, these mistakes involve an infliction of a traumatic brain injury on the infant. These brain injuries carry consequences that are sometimes severe and that can take months if not longer to notice when the child displays problems developing.

How New York Birth Injury Lawyers Can Help

Parents who discover that their child is experiencing developmental delays are often overcome with powerful emotions. Those who feel that their child is suffering from this type of a problem because of a mistake made during the delivery process should not attempt to handle the potential legal fallout alone. Instead, they should seek the help of lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of families for more than 40 years. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation if you find yourself in this difficult position.