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Most automobile accidents are straight-forward regarding liability. However, it can be hotly contested as to who had the light in his favor or the right-of-way. The most common problem for injured plaintiffs in automobile cases is a limited amount of insurance coverage. Very often the owner of the automobile with liability might have as little as $25,000.00 in coverage. If a pedestrian or passenger or driver of another automobile has a serious injury there can be an unfair limit on how much he can recover.

The Fitzgerald Lawyers have been very creative and successful in finding other ways to collect additional damages.These include some of the following theories:

  1. Finding another party liable for blocking the view of either a driver or a pedestrian by such things as a double parked car or a construction barrier which blocked the view of a pedestrian or driver of the car.
  2. Highway design and maintenance theories. The most common is the failure to maintain proper traffic lights at dangerous intersections; especially where studies have been done indicating that they are necessary.
  3. Negligent design of the automobile which contributed to the injuries (airbags, faulty brakes, etc.)
  4. There can be a medical malpractice case when negligent treatment by doctors or hospitals after the accident contributed to the injury and its permanency.

*N.Y. verdicts are not discounted to present value and are subject to reduction on appeal

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Automobile accidents

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