The general notion regarding medical malpractice in New York and everywhere else usually centers on mistakes made by the treating physician. While this sort of negligence does represent a large number of legal claims made under the medical malpractice laws of New York, there are other situations in which a valid medical malpractice claim could arise.

Below you’ll find information regarding how a medical malpractice claim could be filed in response to mistakes made by the hospital or medical facility, the nurse, the pharmacist and others. You will also find information regarding how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been harmed by the commission of medical malpractice in New York.


There are several instances in which a valid medical malpractice claim could arise because of the negligence of the medical facility to which the patient reports. Hospitals and clinics can be very busy and sometimes confusing places, and if someone reports to a hospital with a serious injury that is not treated as such, it could result in the commission of medical malpractice. An example would be a patient who reports to an emergency room and who is made to wait too long for treatment.


Nurses are in place to assist in the overall care of patients who need oversight. Nurses can make mistakes as well, and these mistakes can lead to dire results. For instance, if a patient is staying in the hospital and needs constant supervision to prevent danger from arising, a nurse or nurses could be responsible for medical malpractice if that patient is not properly observed and he or she suffers as a result of this lack of supervision.


The number of mistakes made by pharmacists and pharmacies is staggering. Pharmacies need to not only properly read prescriptions made by doctors, but they also need to make sure that patients are given the proper amount of medication in the proper dose strength. Pharmacists and pharmacies could also be liable for medical malpractice if the patient has an allergy to a particular medication that is not recognized by those doling out the medication. Taking the wrong type or the wrong dosage of prescription medication can be nothing short of deadly for an unsuspecting patient.

Finally, it should be known that claims for medical malpractice in New York can arise in several different situations. If you or someone you love has been harmed while receiving medical care, you need the help of medical malpractice lawyers who have the experience and track record necessary to successfully fight for your rights. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.