Neonatal Sepsis – Medical Malpractice Attorney

Sepsis at Birth

Neonatal sepsis is a serious complication of a neonatal infection, often Strep B or E. coli infections. Septicemia is sepsis of the bloodstream caused by the presence of infection-related bacteria in the bloodstream. The term septicemia is also used to refer to sepsis.

An infection develops into sepsis when two or more of the following occur:

  • The heart rate is 90 beats per minute
  • The body temperature is less than 96.8 °F or greater than 100.4 °F
  • There is hyperventilation– 20 breaths per minute
  • The blood gases are low
  • The white blood cell count is less than 4000 cells/mm or greater than 12000 cells/mm

Newborn (Neonatal) Sepsis – Medical Malpractice Investigation

The Fitzgerald Law Firm has successfully handled hundreds of birth injury malpractice cases, including cases involving sepsis. If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm to represent your injured child, the firm will thoroughly investigate the medical records associated with your child’s birth, including records regarding the pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-birth care. We will also consult with doctors who specialize in obstetrics and neonatal care. If we determine that medical negligence caused your child’s injuries, we will take legal action against responsible parties.

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