The Fitzgerald medical malpractice law firms have handled hundreds of obstetrician malpractice claims since they were founded in 1971. Many of these claims resulted in multi-million-dollar jury verdicts and settlements, including the top medical malpractice verdict in the nation in 2002–$94.8 Million (Lawyers Weekly, USA).

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Pregnancies and giving birth are the most natural things in the world, with the majority of them proceeding uneventfully towards producing healthy infants. However, this does not mean there aren’t real dangers. Complications can occur even without negligent health care, but a failure to properly react to these complications can lead to catastrophic injuries for the infant, mother or both. Medical malpractice and negligent health care can occur both during the prenatal and labor & delivery stages, resulting in permanent brain damage, developmental and cognitive delays, paralysis, and host of other life-long injuries, including heart problems, respiratory problems and more.

Often the nature and extent of the injuries are not immediately apparent. It is often impossible to know how severely an infant is injured until he grows and his progress can be contrasted with that of other infants of similar ages. Moreover, poor prenatal and labor/delivery care can injure the mother, resulting in strokes, brain damage and more, but these things also can happen without negligence. Winning an obstetrician medical malpractice case is all about proving that the injuries would not have occurred if not for the unsatisfactory health care.

Common defenses an obstetrician malpractice attorney might use in a lawsuit include attributing the child’s injuries to genetic errors, unavoidable prematurity due to fetal distress, and in-utero exposure to environmental toxins such as medications, alcohol, recreational drugs, household chemicals, pesticides, oral contraceptives, x-rays, cigarette smoke and more. Viral infections can also cause fetal injuries. A common vaginal or uterine infection can be passed to the child at delivery. Falls, blows to the abdomen or motor vehicle accidents may also have an impact on the developing fetus.

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