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The Cash Now Program is based upon non-recourse financing. Two key points to keep in mind about non-recourse financing are the following:

  1. The money is not advanced by the law firm. It is advanced by a litigation funding company.
  2. The funding is not a loan. The litigation funding company actually purchases a portion of the plaintiff’s settlement monies and accepts as security a lien on the settlement monies, as the sole security of getting repaid.

“Non-recourse” means that the litigation funding company has only recourse to a portion of the settlement monies that in the case it has financed.. That means if there are no settlement monies, such as when a case is dismissed and no monies are recovered, the litigation funding company does not get repaid. The plaintiff does not have to repay if the case is dismissed and neither do any of the plaintiff’s family or friends.

Litigation funding companies assume a risk when they advance the non-recourse funds. The risk is that the case will be lost and they will never get repaid. Because of this, non-recourse financing is more expensive than conventional loans.

It should be understood that it is always better not to obtain an advance of non-recourse funding on a case because of the cost of the financing. However, sometimes plaintiffs just need money. This could be for personal expenses such as food and rent or it could be for litigation expenses if the client has agreed to pay the litigation expenses on the case.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm works with many companies in the litigation funding industry. These litigation companies know the “track record” of successful handling of cases by the Fitzgerald Lawyers. They rely on the Fitzgerald Lawyers’ analysis of and handling of the case. The firm regularly reviews the pricing and fees charged by the companies who are active in providing litigation funding. The firm will recommend one or two companies who offer the best financing arrangements available for litigation expenses on his/her case.


The Fitzgerald Lawyers' CASH NOW PROGRAM

  • The Fitzgerald Lawyers have achieved over $2 BILLION in verdicts and settlements.
  • It can take YEARS before your case settles
  • Cash Now Program: You can get $5,000 [or more] IN ADVANCE
  • If we don't win, you do NOT repay!
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Cash Now Program

The Fitzgerald Lawyers have achieved record verdicts for their clients with a landmark verdict of $135 Million is the past year.