Autism Research

$3,250,000 recovery for child with autism spectrum disorder – Medical Malpractice Firm The Fitzgerald Law Firm argued that the hospital mismanaged labor and delivery.

The Medical Malpractice law firm of The Fitzgerald Law Firm recognizes the efforts of parents and researchers who are dedicated to autism research and a search for a cure.  We are not researchers and cannot find a cure to autism, but we feel we play a role by educating others about the environmental and neurological causes of autism.  The lawsuits we file on behalf of children with autism, serve several purposes—to provide financial resources for the injured child, to deter those responsible for the events leading to the autism from ignoring the problem in the future, and to make the community at large aware that lead paint, inadequate medical care, and other factors can cause autism.

Autism Research and Cure Autism Now

In the past several years much attention has been focused on the need for funding autism research at the federal level.  The effort to secure funding through governmental granting organizations such as the National Institutes of Health has been catalyzed by grassroots organizations formed by parents of children with autism.

An example of a parents’ organization is Cure Autism Now (CAN) which was started by Portia Iversen and John Shestak, parents of Dov, an autistic child.  When they received the diagnosis of autism for their child, they soon learned that the field of autism research was virtually non-existent and that there was not reliable dedicated funding for autism research.  Two prominent neuroscience researchers had this to say about CAN.

“It has directly changed the scene of autism research in the United States,” says Dr. Michael Merzenich at the University of California, San Francisco.

“I’ve never seen more effective parent involvement in any disorder,” agrees Dr. Daniel Geschwind, a genetics researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Major categories of Basic Autism Research

  1. Neuroimaging
  2. Genetic models
  3. Developmental neurobiology

Major categories of Clinical Autism Research

  1. Clinical drug trials
  2. Neurobehavioral interventions
  3. Alternative treatment trials