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The Fitzgerald Law Firms have handled many product liability cases for both injured workers and consumers over the years. These cases include:

  1. Loss of use of an arm in a garbage compactor.
  2. Loss of a finger from a circular saw table.
  3. Loss of hair after using a beauty supply product.
  4. Loss of use of an arm after being caught in a commercial clothes dryer.
  5. Exploding truck tire while being inflated on a defective wheel rim.

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New York Product Liability Lawsuit

Manufacturers and marketers of products are required to make and sell products in a “not unreasonably safe” condition.

There are 3 categories of “defects”:

  1. Design defect: If a product can be designed to be safer, it should be so designed and the manufacturer will be held responsible for his less than “state of the art” design.
  2. Manufacturing defect: In these cases there was something shoddy about the manufacturer of the product, even though it was properly designed.
  3. Failure to warn: Even if a product is designed and manufactured as “not unreasonably safe”, the manufacturer and the marketers of the product still have a duty to warn if the product can cause injury when it is used in a foreseeable fashion.

The Fitzgerald Law Firms’‘s philosophy on product liability is based upon a standard set by the father of product liability law; Harry Philo, Esq.

Any risk of serious injury or death is always unreasonable and always unacceptable if reasonable accident prevention methods would eliminate or further minimize the risk.   If you have been injured by a defective product, you need a product liability lawyer.  New York lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm have the experience you need.

The New York product liability lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm have a national practice and represent clients throughout the United States.  The firm’s offices are in New York.  The New York City product liability lawyers serve clients in Staten Island, Manhatten, Bronx, and Queens.