Birth Injury Lawyers in New York
Explaining Damages for Developmental Delays

When parents give birth to a child and they eventually begin to come to the realization that their child is having problems developing properly, they often endure their first specific difficulty with regards to this serious health problem. That first difficulty is overcoming their powerful emotions that can impede their progress towards finding out why their child is suffering from this difficulty and how to go about holding those responsible for this result accountable. People in this position need to obtain the help of birth injury lawyers in New York as soon as possible.

Below you will find a brief overview of the types of damages that could be available for a family that attempts to pursue a recovery of compensation if their child suffers from developmental delays because of a mistake made by medical professionals. You will also find information regarding how you can take steps to protect your legal rights and those of your child.

Current Medical Costs

When a child is diagnosed with a developmental delay, that child will likely need to undergo several more tests and evaluations so that the specific nature of that developmental delay can be clearly defined and a prognosis can be mapped out for that patient. These initial medical costs can quickly become exorbitant for any family.

Future Medical Costs

When the child with a developmental delay has been diagnosed and a course of treatment has been identified, most families want to move forward with that treatment immediately. However, even if a family has health coverage, the costs associated with this treatment can be untenable for any family over the months or the years.

Lost Income

When a child obtains this diagnosis, he or she will need many different types of support. This support will be physical, financial, emotional and even logistical in nature. In some cases, a parent will need to either leave a job or substantially cut back on his or her work so that the child can be cared for properly by the professionals handling the case. This can lead to los income and to more financial stress.

Pain and Suffering

When a child suffers from a developmental delay, he or she also suffers from in some cases a substantial loss in his or her quality of life. This loss is difficult to quantify, but it is also real and a form of loss that can be all but impossible to overcome. Fortunately, this is also a form of loss that can be recaptured by a family.

There could be other forms of recovery available for a family who faces this situation, and if you find yourself in this position and you need a specific explanation of your legal rights and options, seek the help of birth injury lawyers in New York who have been fighting for families for more than 40 years. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.