New York Personal Injury Lawyers
Fighting for Those Harmed by Lead Paint

People can be harmed in any number of ways.  Some injuries occur in such a sudden and traumatic manner that those who suffer them will never forget.  Others are completely unnoticed at the time, but they can be just as dangerous.  One such silent danger is the presence of lead paint in homes, which continues to be a problem in New York.

Below you’ll find information regarding how lead paint came to exist in homes or other structures, the injuries that exposure to lead paint can cause and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has suffered as a result of exposure to lead paint and you need the help of experienced New York personal injury lawyers.

Lead Paint in New York Homes

Lead paint is one of those substances that used to be extremely common until it was discovered that it presented significant dangers to the health of those exposed to it.  Another example of such a substance is asbestos.  Basically, most homes that were built before 1978 contain some form of lead paint, as it was an extremely common component of house paint prior to that year.  Lead made paint less expensive to manufacture and provided consumers with a product that was durable.  Unfortunately for many people, the risks associated with lead paint were eventually discovered.

Injuries Caused by Lead Paint Exposure

For the most part, lead is particularly dangerous to children.  When it’s found in common house paint, the chances for exposure are high.  Children tend to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t, and one such item is paint chips.  If these paint chips contain lead or even if lead dust is on a hand or an object that the child puts in his or her mouth, he or she could be exposed.

The long-term effects of lead poisoning are severe.  If children have high levels of paint in their blood that isn’t detected, it can lead to serious problems with their central nervous system and their brain.  Lead poisoning can also lead to behavioral problems, slowed growth and chronic headaches, among other symptoms.

For adults, long-term exposure to and the presence of lead in the blood can also lead to serious injuries.  Examples of problems in adults associated with lead poisoning include reproductive problems, high blood pressure, nerve disorders, muscle pain and memory loss.

While it’s admirable that large-scale efforts are underway to remove paint from homes in different communities, the fact remains that those who have been harmed by lead paint poisoning in New York cannot reverse the effects.  If you or someone you love has been harmed by exposure to lead paint, you need the help of New York personal injury lawyers who understand how to identify parties responsible for injury and how to hold them accountable.  Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.