Encephalomalacia and Birth Injury Lawyer

$2,400,000 Jury Verdict for Lawsuit Involving Encephalomalacia

For over 40 years, The Fitzgerald Law Firms have been committed to fighting for children with birth injuries, including encephalomalacia. In one encephalomalacia case, our birth injury lawyers represented a child who was born using Kielland forceps during a mid-forceps procedure for deep transverse arrest. The Fitzgerald Law Firm birth injury lawyers argued that the forceps delivery caused encephalomalacia, hemiparesis and learning difficulties.  Read more about this encephalomalacia lawsuit and other multi-million-dollar jury verdicts and settlements.

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What is Encephalomalacia and Multicystic Encephalomalacia?

Encephalomalacia is softening or loss of brain tissue following any of the following: cerebral infarction, brain ischemia (cerebral ischemia), brain trauma (craniocerebral trauma), or other injury. Multicystic encephalomalacia refers to the formation of multiple cystic cavities of various sizes in the cerebral cortex of neonates and infants following injury, most notably perinatal hypoxia-ischemic events (periods of inadequate oxygenation or oxygen deprivation). The fetal brain has a tendency to develop multicystic encephalomalacia after ischemic insults (trauma or injury that results in insufficient blood flow to provide adequate oxygenation).

An infant who has encephalomalacia will have significant medical bills and expenses for special care. If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm to represent your child, we will investigate your child’s medical records, including records from the pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum periods. After consulting with pediatric neurologists and other medical experts, we will attempt to identify the cause of your child’s encephalomalacia. If the encephalomalacia could have been avoided, we will seek to recover compensation from those responsible. For a free consultation, please contact the law firm of The Fitzgerald Law Firm.

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