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Birth Defect Attorneys for Arnold Chiari Malformation

The Fitzgerald Law Firm has over a hundred settlements and jury verdicts over one million dollars.  The firm’s largest verdict in a birth defect / brain injury case was for $94,812,240. In that case an infant’s brain damage and cerebral palsy was due to failure to delay premature birth or administer medication to enhance fetal lung development.

For over 40 years, The Fitzgerald Law Firms have been committed to fighting for children with brain damage. Injury to the immature brain, both before and after birth, can result in Arnold Chiari malformation. Current medical research supports the following:

  • Arnold Chiari malformation can be caused by environmental toxins such as lead paint in apartment buildings built before 1978.
  • Arnold Chiari malformation can be caused by medical malpractice, including failure to diagnose, inadequate care, etc. – whatever applies to this key phrase.

If you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm to represent your child in an Arnold Chiari malformation lawsuit, we will attempt to identify the cause of the injury to your child’s brain that resulted in an Arnold Chiari malformation. If the Arnold Chiari malformation could have been avoided, we will seek to recover compensation from those responsible.

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What is an Arnold Chiari Malformation?

There are 4 types of Chiari malformation. A type II Chiari malformation is sometimes called an Arnold-Chiari malformation. With Arnold Chiar malformations, part of the back of the brain shifts downward through the bottom of the skull area.

  • Arnold Chiari (type II Chiari) malformations are typically seen in infants who are born with spina bifida, a neurological condition that causes a portion of the spinal cord and the surrounding structures to develop outside, instead of inside, the body.
  • Arnold Chiari ( type II Chiari) malformations can also be associated with a condition known as hydrocephalus, which is sometimes called water on the brain.

Long-Term Complications of an Arnold Chiari Malformation

The full extent of the problems associated with an Arnold Chiari malformation are usually not completely understood immediately at birth, but may be revealed as the child grows and develops. This underscores the need for a lawyer and Arnold Chiari malformation claim which seeks amounts for future medical expenses and future pain and suffering.