You’ll Never Guess How This Woman’s Colonoscopy Made Her $5 Million Richer

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A New York jury awarded a woman $5.1 million in a medical malpractice case for being exposed to Hepatitis C after a routine colonoscopy. In their verdict, the jury found that a Brooklyn gastroenterologist and anesthesiologist were negligent in the procedure – specifically in regards to maintaining properly sterilized equipment.

The Case at a Glance

About six (6) weeks after her colonoscopy, the victim began experiencing symptoms including nausea, pain and vomiting blood. When she returned to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. As required by law, since she had no previous history of Hepatitis C, her case was reported to the NYC Department of Health as a new case.

Further investigation revealed that the equipment used in the victim’s procedure was tainted by biological material from a previous colonoscopy patient – strongly indicated that sterilization protocol had been breached.

The Perils of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is nothing to play around with. It’s an infection that goes straight for the liver, and can result in liver cancer, cirrhosis or significant scarring of the liver. It’s a leading reason for people getting liver transplants.

The virus itself isn’t spread through casual contact or through food and water. Rather, it is transmitted via direct contact with the blood. This can include through

  • Surgical procedures, like the one experienced by the victim described above
  • Being stuck by infected or shared needles
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Birth

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