Lawsuits Pile Up for Makers of IVC Filter

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Makers of the retrievable inferior vena cava filters (IVC) are facing multiple lawsuits for failing to warn patients and doctors about serious health risks posed by the device. Manufacturers C.R. Bard and Cook Medical are facing nearly 750 lawsuits collectively in the U.S.

IVC Filter at a Glance

The IVC filter device itself is spider-like in appearance. It is designed to prevent blood clots from entering major organs in the body by catching them in the bloodstream – helping them breakdown over time. The filters are intended for patients who cannot take regular medication that help to prevent blood clots.

Problems With the IVC Filter

There are numerous reports of IVC filters moving out of place or even breaking apart – allowing pieces of the metal device to move through the bloodstream, eventually damaging internal organs as well as vein walls.

Thus far, the IVC filter is linked to 27 deaths and hundreds of other serious health issues.

Company Still Sold IVC Filter Even After Health Risks Surfaced

According to an investigative report by NBC News, C.R. Bard neglected its own concern about the IVC filter and continued to sell the device for 10 years – selling an additional 160,000 of them.

Even though C.R. Bard conducted its own confidential study about problems with the device, they decided against recalling the product. In fact, the study included this ominous warning from the lead doctor: “Further investigation is urgently warranted.”

One Man’s Tale of Horror from IVC Experience

Included in NBC’s report was the personal story of a 69-year-old San Francisco man who had the IVC filter inserted due to his propensity for blood clots.

While in for an exam with his doctor, it was learned that the IVC filter had moved dangerously close to the man’s heart. During emergency surgery, surgeons discovered that three parts of the filter had broken off and made their way to the man’s lungs. Two legs of the device actually broke apart during the surgery.

FDA Response on IVC Filter

Thus far, there has been no move to recall the IVC filter. The FDA, however, has issued warnings about the device and has said it should only be used temporarily – removing it from the body shortly after it has served its intended purpose.

Call The Fitzgerald Law Firm if You’ve Experienced the IVC Filter

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