The Costs of Providing Care for Cerebral Palsy Patients

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In recent blog entries, we’ve shared news of multi-million dollar verdicts being awarded to families whose children had developed cerebral palsy. You can read those stories here and here. In those verdicts, much of the money awarded was to provide future care for their children.

With this article, we’ll talk about why those multi-million dollar verdicts are necessary.

Costs of Providing Care for Cerebral Palsy

Even though cerebral palsy was identified well over a century ago, there’s been little information shared about the economic impact on the nation and the average lifetime costs for a family when their child is born with cerebral palsy.

In addition to providing ongoing medical care, families often have to also deal with special education services, assisted living and developmental assistance.

In their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report publication, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the average lifetime costs for persons with cerebral palsy is $921,000.

The numbers break down this way:

  • Indirect costs: $742,326 (80.6%) – automobile modifications, special medical equipment, special clothing, day care, etc.
  • Direct medical costs: $93,942 (10.2%) – regular doctor appointments, therapy, medication, lab & imaging tests, surgery, medications, etc.
  • Direct non-medical costs: $84,732 (9.2%) – loss of earning potential

Of course, these expenses do not include emergency room visits, out-of-pocket expenditures and lost wages by family members who are required to stay at home to provide care.

If Your Child Developed Cerebral Palsy Due to Someone Else’s Negligence, Call The Fitzgerald Law Firm

Cerebral palsy is directly caused by an injury to the brain of a child before, during or shortly after birth. It’s a group of permanent neurological disorders that affects movement and muscle coordination.

If your child is experiencing such issues, you should know that The Fitzgerald Law Firm will be aggressive in thoroughly investigating your case and in the pursuit of compensation.

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