Pain & Anxiety Medication Linked to Birth Defects

pregabalin birth defects

There’s word from the medical community that the drug Pregabalin – typically prescribed to treat pain and anxiety – may be connected with increased risks for birth defects.

Proof of Complications

In a study carried out by researchers with the Swiss Teratogen Information Service and Lausanne University Hospital – both in Switzerland – infants in pregnant women who took Pregabalin during the first trimester were three (3) times more likely to develop major birth defects.

The birth defects included significant problems with the heart and structural problems with the infant’s central nervous system and other organs.

Why They Were Taking Pregabalin

Of the participants who were taking Pregabalin:

  • 115 of them were doing so for treatment of neurotic pain
  • 39 for psychiatric disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.)
  • 5 for epilepsy
  • 1 for restless leg syndrome

77% of the women began taking Pregabalin before their pregnancies. All of the participants stopped taking the medication an average of six (6) weeks into their pregnancies.

Intended Use of Pregabalin

Originally approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of epilepsy, neuropathy pain, and fibromyalgia,  Pregabalin is also prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and mental health issues.

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