New York Patients Have A Right To Know About Doctors

A recent report by the New York Public Interest Research Group or NYPIRG has concluded that more than 77 percent of doctors sanctioned for negligence in New York State are allowed to continue practicing medicine, and that patients are not properly informed if their doctor is among these numbers.

Physician Negligence: A Well-Kept Secret

The report showed that while most of the 102,554 licensed doctors in New York meet state performance standards, there is insufficient oversight by government agencies connected to doctors cited for negligence. The report addresses a broad spectrum of improper health care beyond traditional “negligence,” including ordering excessive tests as well as serious medical malpractice.

Though the number is fairly small, the report shows that at least 300 doctors cited with negligence continued to practice between 2004 and 2013. They were essentially flying under the radar, as no government agency stopped them from practicing.

Currently when charges are filed against a negligent doctor by the state health department, the Board of Professional Medical Conduct, comprised of 144 members, reviews the cases and determines if action should be taken.

Fixing The Problem

NYPIRG analysts concluded that “there is at present no requirement that patients be informed that their physician is practicing under sanction and/or limitations.” To counter this issue, NYPIRG called for a new law to ensure that patients are informed by the state when visiting doctors who have had any report of negligence or limitation placed on their license.

Unfortunately, whether patients are informed of their doctor’s “negligent” status or not, thousands of patients fall victim to medical malpractice each year. Medical malpractice can result in serious life-changing injuries and, at times, wrongful death. Many of these medical malpractice cases are due to negligence by doctors, hospital staff and organizations.

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