Three Men Injured in Brooklyn Crash

Three young men were injured but survived a terrible car crash that left the vehicle wrapped around a Brooklyn tree, according to recent reports. The driver was apparently heading north on Ocean Parkway in Midwood, between Avenue O and Avenue P, when he lost control of his vehicle for unknown reasons.

None of the names of the victims have been released. The 21-year-old passenger was listed in critical condition at Kings County Hospital while the 20-year-old passenger and 24-year-old driver were listed in stable condition at Lutheran Hospital. Firefighters on the scene used equipment including the Jaws of Life to pry open the wreckage and extract the victims.

Police do not believe that alcohol or drugs was a factor, but they think speed may have contributed to the crash. The car’s tires were also blown out, and police are looking into whether this happened prior to the crash or as a result of the impact. Neighbors said that speeding is very common in that area and that accidents are commonplace. They blame the mayor and others for not taking action to stop the speeding.

Kings County Traffic Statistics

According to the New York State Department of Health, traffic crashes are the second leading cause of death in Kings County, New York, and resulted in $43 million in damage in 2007.

Also in 2007, there were 96 deaths, 1,082 hospitalizations and 11,915 emergency room visits as a result of car crashes.

The use of alcohol and failure to use safety restraints were significant factors leading to death and injury in car crashes. In fact, speed and alcohol affected almost the same number of injury crashes, four out of 100 each. If you are injured in a Brooklyn crash, the chances of speed or alcohol being a factor are greater than any other single factor.

Justice for Victims of Car Crashes

Unfortunately, the emotional, physical and financial toll for those who are injured in these crashes is terrible and those who cause accidents are not always held responsible. In many cases, it is up to the victims to seek justice for themselves when they are injured in a car crash.

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