Terminix Sued for Poisoning Young Boy

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The Terminix pest control company is facing a lawsuit as doctors claim pesticides used to fumigate a home actually poisoned a 10-year-old boy, causing brain damage.

The incident occurred last August – just before the boy’s birthday – when Terminix and a subcontractor named Sunland Pest Control fumigated the boy’s family home.

Sunland, which has since gone out of business, was found by the Florida Department of Agriculture to have committed a host of safety violations. Terminix is being sued for not properly vetting Sunland as a third-party provider.

How the Boy Was Poisoned

After the fumigation, the family was notified by Sunland that it was safe for them to return to their home.

The father said that several family members began to feel ill soon after returning home. The boy especially showed signs that something was definitely wrong. He threw up several times the first evening back in the house and experienced severe confusion the next day.

While eventually having to spend three weeks in a hospital, his family was told by doctors that he was suffering from severe brain damage caused by exposure to sulfuryl fluoride, which was the pesticide used to fumigate the home.

The boy was unable to control involuntary movement of his head and was incapable of keeping his tongue inside his mouth.

The doctor told the father that “…that’s as good as it’s going to get.”

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