Taxi Cab Hits and Injures Pedestrian

An accident involving two taxis has left one woman with a leg injury, according to recent reports. The accident occurred on Seventh Avenue near 49th Street. Rosemarie Mifsud, 42, visiting from California, was loading a cab’s trunk with luggage. The taxi was stopped in the middle lane at a red light. A second taxi hit the back of the first taxi, pinning Mifsud between the two.

A witness said that the victim was bleeding heavily after the accident. A police officer at the scene attempted to stop the bleeding by wrapping a belt around her leg. Mifsud was taken to Bellevue Hospital where she underwent surgery for a broken leg and is now in stable condition.

Mifsud’s husband, William, 43, stated that witnesses told him that the cabbie was distracted. Mifsud’s cabbie, Leslaw Zielinski, 61, blamed the accident on the other cabbie. He concluded that the other cabbie might have been distracted and caused the accident.

The cabbie who hit Mifsud, Mohamed Genedia, 34, stated that he is not responsible because he did not see the victim and did not expect someone to be picked up in the street. Genedia said, “I braked and I slid…The brake didn’t help me. I thought I hit the car, not her. I didn’t see her. He pick up in the middle of the street.”

Taxi Cab Accident Statistics

New York City has thousands of cabs operating daily, and these cabs are often involved in crashes. According to statistics, while taxicabs and liveries had a crash rate that is one-third that of other vehicles, this still accounts for thousands of crashes each year. About 70 percent of these crashes result in injury to a passenger, bicycle rider or pedestrian, making taxi accidents more likely to cause injury than other types of crashes.

Personal Injury Claims Against Taxis Cabs

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