Swedish Model Brain Dead After Bicycle Crash

Tragedy struck for a beautiful 28-year-old Swedish model after she was hit by a bus on Roosevelt Island while riding her bike, according to recent reports. Anna Maria Mostrom, 29, was riding her bike on Main Street when she was struck by a bus making a left turn. She fell to the pavement and sustained serious head injuries. Mostrom was apparently not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. She was taken to a local hospital but was listed in critical condition after two surgeries, and family members confirmed that she was brain dead and would be taken off life support after her organs were harvested for donation.

The bus driver has not been charged in the accident.

Do Helmets Save Lives?

Bicycle crashes are often fatal due to serious head injuries sustained in a rider falls to the pavement. Helmets can help save lives, although the circumstances of the crash will determine exactly how effective the helmet will be.

While there is still a great deal of debate on the efficacy of bicycle helmets, a general consensus states that they are of use in low-speed impact crashes to prevent head injuries. However, the relatively flimsy design of most bike helmets means that after certain speeds they will no longer be effective, and some experts argue that they may impart a false sense of security to both cyclists and drivers, making them believe they are safer from head injury than they actually are.

Bicycle crashes can lead to serious, debilitating injuries as well as death for bicycle riders depending on the circumstances of the crash. In general, the faster the driver is traveling, the more serious the crash will be for the bicyclists. New York recently lowered its speed limits to 25 miles per hour across Manhattan in a concerted effort to prevent serious bike crashes, but every day people are hit and injured by vehicles while they ride to work or school.

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