New York Drops Speed Limit to 25

For the past 50 years, New York City’s speed limits have remained the same. Now, the City Council has voted to drop the speed limit citywide to 25 miles per hour in an effort to curb pedestrian and bicycle accidents, according to recent reports.

Slower Speed Mean Fewer Deaths

The lower speed limit will prevent pedestrian and bicycle injuries and deaths in two ways. First, the slower speed limit gives drivers more time to react. At 25 miles per hour, it takes half the amount of distance to stop as it does at 35 miles per hour, so drivers can stop much more quickly if a pedestrian or bicyclists suddenly steps into the road or if they see someone in the street they did not notice before.

Secondly, slower speeds mean fewer pedestrian deaths if a crash does occur. At 25 miles per hour, the victim of a pedestrian or bicycle accident is twice as likely to survive as the victim of a crash in which the vehicle was going 30 miles per hour.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Victims Often Suffer Serious Injury

Victims of pedestrian and bicycle crashes often suffer serious injuries. They are often injured physically to the point that they require long-term, expensive medical treatment and lose the ability to work for some time, resulting in financial problems. Furthermore, these victims may suffer emotional and mental pain as a result of their injuries, and their families may be inconvenienced and upset by the accident as well.

All in all, the victim of a pedestrian or bicycle crash is facing a long-term recovery prospect. In order to make things easier for the victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents, the Fitzgerald Law Group in New York represents these victims in an attempt to recover damages from the driver who caused the crash.

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