People Injured in MTA Bus Accident in Brooklyn

brooklyn MTA bus crash

According to recent reports, 25 people were injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon. The accident occurred at Utica Avenue and Clarendon Road. The MTA confirmed that one of the vehicles involved in the accident was a city bus, although it is unclear how many other vehicles were involved. Officials confirmed that three victims were in critical condition, three were seriously injured and 19 victims had minor injuries.

Personal Injury and Public Transportation

Those who are injured while riding on public transportation could be entitled to compensation for damages. Like traditional personal injury law, public transportation injury law is based on negligence. Some states have a “common carrier law” which rules that public transportation owes its riders a higher degree of safety. If a rider is injured, however, the victim still has to prove negligence in “common carrier” states.

There are many forms of negligence involving public transportation, including:

  • Fleet vehicles not being properly repaired, maintained or inspected
  • Insufficient training for staff to safely operate the equipment
  • Driver error

If there is a large-scale accident that involves numerous injuries, a larger investigation may be conducted, usually by an external entity like a safety bureau. This type of investigation is held to determine the cause of the accident and who, if anyone, was responsible as well as ways in which public transportation safety can be improved.

Public transportation companies are state or municipal agencies, so special laws apply to any claims brought against them. This can include differences from “regular personal injury lawsuits including shorter deadlines for filing a claim, the need for determining the correct municipal department and stricter requirements for filing. Most states also have a limit on the amount someone can receive from an injury claim. Because public transportation personal injury suits can be complicated, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney like those at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York.

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