Oversight in Sightseeing Bus Reporting Leads To Confusion

A recent report indicates that New York City police officers may not be reporting accidents involving sightseeing buses separately from other buses. More than 263 double-decker buses operate in the city, and recent reviews of crash reports indicate that many accidents involving these conveyances have been reported in such a way as to make it nearly impossible to differentiate them from accidents involving other buses.

The problem with this oversight in reporting is that it is now difficult or impossible to compile accurate statistics on certain tour bus companies. This is a problem for those who want to show that these companies may not be operating their buses safely. Since the companies are responsible for damages that occur as a result of their negligence, it is very important for victims to be able to show clearly that the tour bus company is at fault.

Tour Bus Safety—Not Always What You Think

This is becoming a problem because double decker buses do not have a spotless record of safety. A recent Times Square accident involving a tour bus sent 14 people to the hospital, and one 2000 accident caused a company to shut its doors after a pedestrian was hit.

Even as business has expanded for the tour bus companies fivefold in the past ten years, enforcement of safety regulations seems to have dropped off. As more tour buses enter the city streets, fewer law enforcement officers are available to check their compliance with mandatory safety regulations. When a tour bus business renews its license, the company is required to report accidents, but the problems with the system may mean that some companies are avoiding this requirement.

As a result, people are being hurt and the potential for future injury increases. It is possible for someone to book a seat on a tour bus in New York without any idea that the company has experienced a series of crashes in the past year. Poor reporting methods and lax enforcement are creating a situation in which it is very likely someone will eventually be harmed.

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