Officer and Others Injured By Suspected Drunk Driver

drunk driver causes multiple injuries

According to a recent report, multiple people, including a police officer, were injured after a speeding vehicle crashed and set off a chain reaction in Jersey City. The driver of the vehicle was suspected of driving under the influence.

Reports show that the chain reaction began when one vehicle hit another car and the impact of this collision sent the second vehicle onto the sidewalk. This resulted in a Jersey City police officer being injured. According to one witness, “I saw all these cars crashing…There was a lot of people screaming, crying.” Others in nearby vehicles were also injured. Several injured victims, including the officer, were taken to area hospitals for treatment and are expected to recover.

The driver of the car which set off the chain reaction is 30-year-old Keith Jeffers. He was arrested at the scene and taken for treatment in handcuffs. He has been charged with four counts of assault by auto, driving while intoxicated and knowingly leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident with serious bodily injury.

Personal Injury Cases Involving Drunk Drivers

When a person makes the decision to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, that person is not only breaking the law but also placing himself or herself as well as others in danger. Drinking and driving is the second leading cause of motor vehicle accidents and is estimated to leave 290,000 people with injuries and kill 10,000 people each year.

If you have been injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver, you may have grounds for a personal injury suit. Civil law allows those who have been injured due to another’s negligence to seek compensation for their injuries. This includes money for pain and suffering, medical expenses and even lost income due to your inability to work because of your injuries.

A personal injury attorney, like those at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York, can help you gather evidence to show that the at-fault driver was acting negligently and caused the crash and your injuries. Our team has the experience to represent you and your interests at the negotiating table or even in the court room if a settlement cannot be reached. We want you to focus on your recovery while we focus on seeking the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries from the negligent drunk driver. Give the Fitzgerald Law Firm a call today for your free initial consultation and see how we can help you.