Operation Performed on Wrong Infant


A case involving an operation mistakenly performed on the wrong infant is making national news.

According to reports, an infant boy who was to undergo a routine physical instead had the bottom of his tongue clipped – a procedure meant for a different baby.

The Case at a Glance

The victim was born on Dec. 16 at University Medical Center in Lebanon, TN. The day after his birth, he was taken from his mother by a nurse for what was to be a routine physical.

When the nurse brought the victim back, she began discussing a procedure called frenulectomy with his mother.

The procedure is the removal of a small bit of tissue from the bottom of the tongue that restricts its movement. Clipping the tissue is done so that the affected baby can feed more easily.

The Doctor’s Response

In records obtained by ABC News, the doctor who performed the procedure came clean and apologized to the parents for his mistake.

The big kicker, though, is that the hospital still charged the parents for the unnecessary procedure.

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We’re most thankful that the boy in the case above is otherwise doing ok and that the doctor has apologized. However, the boy’s family rightfully intends to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

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