Has A Doctor With a History of Medical Malpractice Struck Again?

A Long Island neurosurgeon is in a lot of hot water as he faces separate medical malpractice lawsuits from three different women who claim he talked them into possibly unnecessary surgeries. All three women say they ended up in worse shape than when they first visited him.

Adding to already troubling news is the fact that the doctor has been sued at least 20 times for his medical care.

Dr. Bolognese’s Latest Legal Troubles

The three women who brought the latest allegations against Dr. Paolo Bolognese were all diagnosed with Chiari malformation, a condition that occurs when part of the brain tissue extends into the spinal canal.

After being talked into surgery by Bolognese, the women say their conditions are actually worse.

  • One is now bedridden on most days.
  • Another has trouble sleeping and swallowing, has a fast heartbeat, leg pain and weakened control of her ladder.
  • The third victim, a former lifelong horse riding enthusiast, cannot move her head properly because of hardware that was improperly placed on her spine, and says she is “barely functional.”

No Stranger to Scrutiny

Bolognese’s name seems to be synonymous with questionable medical care. In 2010, he was suspended by North Shore University Hospital’s Chiari Institute – a program he co-founded – for failing to show up on time for surgery; a surgery for which the patient had already been given anesthesia.

Even though New York’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct investigated him that same year, no disciplinary action was taken.

How You Can Find Out if Your Doctor Has Been Sued for Medical Malpractice

The fact that Bolognese has been able to continue to practice medicine after so many complaints is troubling, to say the least.

Because selecting a doctor or hospital is an important decision, it’s a smart move to arm yourself with as much information as possible.

The Federation of State Medical Boards maintains a database with information about disciplinary actions taken against physicians nationwide.

Individual states handle disciplinary actions against physicians in their own way. Many state licensing boards have sites that you can access for free.

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