Healthcare Employees Arrested for Abuse of the Elderly

Seventeen employees of Highpointe, a nursing home in Buffalo, New York, have been charged with felonies related to complaints of mistreatment of residents, according to a recent report.

Highpointe is a relatively new health care facility located on Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus that opened less than three years ago. It is operated by Kaleida Health. Kaleida has since released a statement explaining that they have terminated all seventeen employees charged due to the neglectful care of a resident.

According to reports, a total of seventeen complaints were filed in city court on Wednesday by the New York State Attorney General’s Office. However, the New York State Attorney General’s office would not say what the exact charges are. Though unconfirmed, a source close to the case has revealed that it has to do with patient abuse.

Six of those arrested are union members and were charged with allegedly falsifying documents related to patient care while the care documented was apparently not being given. The suspects will be arraigned in Buffalo City Court on Friday at 2 p.m.

Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, the abuse and neglect of those left in nursing care facilities is an all-too-common problem. Because nursing homes are generally profit-driven businesses, cut-backs and other similar factors can greatly contribute to the staffing and care of the individuals living in the nursing home. Poor employee attitudes can greatly affect the services they provide, translating into mistreatment, neglect, and in some instances, abuse.

While some states require employee background checks, many states do not, or do not enforce the rule if it exists. Therefore, not all employees are screened before they begin caring for patients. Sadly, the elderly are a very vulnerable population, with many unable or unwilling to report abuse due to fear or confusion. Abuse also comes in a variety of forms manifesting physically, psychologically, and even financially.

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