Cyclist-Pedestrian Crashes

cyclist-pedestrian accident

Cyclist-pedestrian crashes are becoming more common, especially in crowded cities like New York. According to a report written by four city agencies, there have been 11 New York City accidents where a bicyclist struck a pedestrian and the pedestrian died. New York City’s Department of Transportation states that from 2006 to 2013 there were 4 pedestrian deaths due to bicyclists.

While most will not see this as an epidemic, there is evidence that the number of pedestrian and bicycle crashes are on the rise. Just last Septembet, Irving Schachter, 75, was killed due to being struck by a 17-year-old cyclist while jogging in Central Park, while Jill Tarlov, 58, was struck and by a cyclist on West Drive and 63rd Street. Tarlov, mother of two children and wife of CBS Corp. executive Michael Wittman, died days later in the hospital. Tarlov’s accident occurred just weeks after police started a cycle-safety crackdown to help eliminate pedestrian traffic deaths in the city. Since then, police have given over 4,000 citations to cyclists for a long list of infractions, including failing to stop at red lights, riding in the wrong direction or on the sidewalk and failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Police issued 103 tickets this past weekend alone, mostly at the southern end of Central Park.

New York Cyclists Statistics

A city report shows that New Yorkers are almost four times more likely to bike or walk to work than commuters residing elsewhere in the U.S. There were 2.8 cyclist deaths per 1 million residents in New York, compared with 2.7 per 1 million nationally, numbers that do not seem very different but represent a statistically significant increase in these types of deaths in New York.

Can I Recover Damages for My Injury?

In a pedestrian-cyclist accident, especially in the case of a wrongful death, family members may be able to sue for negligence. There are many factors to consider, such as whether or not the cyclist failed to act “in a reasonable and prudent manner” while riding or violated a park ordinance, such as riding in the wrong direction or speeding.

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