Should City Be Liable for Icy Road Conditions?

icy road conditions

Hundreds of calls regarding ice-related crashes bombarded New York’s 911 services recently, according to recent reports, and many drivers are blaming the high number of car accidents on the city. Many accidents, including nearly 60 MTA bus crashes, were caused by black ice, which some believe the city should be responsible for treating. According to one source, “We haven’t seen it this bad since Hurricane Sandy.”

The NYPD responded to 1,800 calls in New York City in one day; normal volume is about 400 to 500 calls. Most of the calls were about slip-and-fall accidents or traffic accidents. Many injuries were reported, although there are no reports of fatalities at this time.

The city responded to accusations that it should have treated the ice by saying that 250 spreaders were salting the roads, with employees working overtime. However, several accident victims claimed the roads were not properly salted. Randy Smith, 32, was driving a big rig when he lost control on ice and caused a 17-car pileup on the Bruckner Expressway in The Bronx. He stated that the city was not “keeping up with the weather to make sure something like this would happen…They only came after the accident and put down salt…Once I got out of the truck, it was like you were ice-skating.” Another victim stated that if the city “had salted enough throughout the night, the majority of the accidents today wouldn’t have happened.”

Poor Road Conditions and City Liability

When you are in an accident that is caused by icy roads, who is liable? Government entities charged with maintaining roads may be responsible for any damages caused by poor road conditions. This can include:

  • Icy or Snowy Roads
  • Potholes
  • Construction Zones
  • Wet Roads
  • Shoulder Drop-offs

However, it can be difficult to actually hold them accountable. To successfully do so, you must prove that the government entity knew about the poor road conditions and did not repair them within a reasonable amount of time.

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