How Did a 10-Minute Delay in Treatment Lead to $9 Million Settlement?

A 10-minute delay by an inexperienced doctor before rushing an expectant mother into an emergency cesarean section birth has led to her child developing cerebral palsy. As a result, the hospital has paid a $9 million settlement to provide care for the rest of the child’s life.

The Case at a Glance

Three days before she gave birth, the mother began experiencing symptoms of a uterine rupture, a rare but often catastrophic event that seriously threatens the lives of both the child and mother.

When she arrived at Tripler Army Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery Department, she was examined by a resident doctor with little experience.

Even though he and a nurse correctly determined that the mother was likely experiencing a uterine rupture, they waited over 10 minutes before calling on the expertise of a doctor with more experience.

Thankfully, the more experienced doctor rushed the mother into an emergency cesarean section delivery.

Because of the delay, unfortunately, the child experienced a catastrophic brain injury that led to cerebral palsy. He is permanently disabled and will require care for the remainder of his life.

Why Was The 10-Minute Delay So Harmful?

In treating uterine ruptures, time is of the essence. That’s because the chances for the loss of life increase dramatically after the 10-minute mark. Once a uterine rupture has been diagnosed, all available resources for a timely treatment must be immediately mobilized.

Hospital Settles for $9 Million

Following several years of court battles, Tripler Army Medical Center settled with the family for $9 million.

The lawyer representing the mother said, “It’s so important that a healthcare professional knows his or her limits. Of course, no amount of money will repair the devastating brain injury suffered as a result of the delay in responding, the settlement will provide the quality of life that otherwise would be impossible.”

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It’s common to place complete trust in medical professionals in times of emergency. The case above, however, shows that mistakes by doctors and nurses can and do happen – often with destructive results.

If you believe your child has experienced a birth injury, legal action can result in you getting the funds needed to provide proper care.

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