Bicycle Pedestrian Accident Leaves One Victim Brain Dead

According to recent reports, a man riding a racing bicycle at high speed hit a pedestrian, injuring her and causing serious brain damage. Jason Marshall, 31, crashed into pedestrian Jill Tarlov, 59, as she attempted to cross a New York crosswalk. Emergency personnel rushed Tarlov to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center where doctors declared her brain-dead.

Witnesses stated that Marshall was pedalling his $4,000 bicycle at high speed and yelling for Tarlov to get out of the way. While it remains unclear which party had the right of way, Marshall admits that he was in the wrong lane. Witnesses stated that Tarlov “went down hard” and her face was covered with blood after the impact.

Police reports reveals that it is common for fast bicyclists to illegally use the motor vehicle lanes while riding. Meanwhile, locals often complain at their local community council meetings that bicyclists are a danger to pedestrians in the area.

Bicyclists Are Often A Danger To Pedestrians

The incident involving Tarlov and Marshall is only one of many. The New York Post reports that 2013 saw in an increase in bicycle-pedestrian accidents of almost 30 percent.

In August 2014, a cyclist struck and killed a Brooklyn Technical High School physics teacher; ironically, the accident happened as the cyclist swerved to avoid a collision with another individual.

In some cases, pedestrians have been hit and suffered brain damage due to bicycle riders. While most people do not immediately think of cyclists as being the most dangerous risk on the road for pedestrians, the growing number of these serious accidents reveals that bicyclists can also be a danger to pedestrians or other cyclists.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured In A Bicycle Crash?

If you were injured by a negligent bicycle rider, you may be entitled to financial compensation. This compensation can include payment of your medical bills, sums for pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs.

A pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help you determine the facts and appropriate procedures for your unique case. The attorneys at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York have been fighting for the rights of pedestrians for over 40 years. We are here to assist you with your personal injury claim and be sure that your rights are protected. For a free consultation call us today.